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Top suds on the scene, Hofbräu's royal connections and its celebrated beer hall in the Altstadt mean this illustrious lager is Munich's haughtiest. The brewery was founded by Duke Wilhelm V in 1589 in Einbeck to produce superior beer for exclusive consumption at court. Moved to the capital to reduce transport costs, for 200 years the brewery had exclusive rights to Bock beer, strong stuff popular with those seeking swift inebriation. The brewery was nationalised by the Nazis but maintains the crown in its logo. The best places to enjoy Hofbräu are the Hofbräuhaus, a Munich institution that arguably sets the standard for beer halls across the rest of the planet, and the lesser-known Hofbräukeller on Wiener Platz, though countless other pubs and taverns across the city serve it.

Bavaria Brauhaus Biere


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